Expansion Joint Membranes

Consistent with all open air building envelopes and designs, exterior and environmentally open seismic expansion joints must incorporate a singular or redundant water management system or seal. For the later, pre-compressed foams, zote seals, inflatable seals and de-flatable seals and or a combination thereof, are integrated as the primary water block or secondary seal for building joint covers.

Conventional membranes such as rubber bladders or neoprene membranes are also used to supplement the inherent waterproofing properties of some expansion joint covers or as a method to capture and channel out and away from a building space.

In some instances, thermoset/thermopastic single-ply membranes such as PVC, TPO, KEE and others such as CSPE (Hypalon) are used when heat weldable properties and long term performance goals are set.

Encore Building Products offers a complete line of rubber, epdm, neoprene, fabric and CSPE gutter systems in all widths and roll sizes in addition to offering  complete line of engineered waterproofing expansion membranes by Situra.


Situra RedLINE® Waterproof Expansion Joint

RedLINE® is a technological advancement in expansion joints replacing the technology of raised expansion joints of the last 50 years. RedLINE® has been specifically developed to waterproof expansion and control joints. RedLINE® solves the dual problem of accommodating movement (and contraction) while at the same time maintaining water tightness. RedLINE® is developed to be installed at the waterproof membrane level, this provides for a non-obstructive joint, allowing free water drainage across the joint

RedLINE® is designed for use with all types of liquid (hot or cold) e.g. asphalt/coal tar pitch mopped systems.
The following systems are most suited to RedLINE® application:

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