Exciting times for us at Encore Building Products as we drop our very first corporate AMS video, “The Human Race”. Created, written, narrated and developed in house, this video attempts to open communication and speak towards racial equality and diversity among all of us within and without the design and build community. The Human Race is a race all of us are a part of and for us all to win, we must all participate – as one.

With captivating imagery and thought provoking narration, The Human Race video begins with a view from outer space looking down on the planet and opens with the strongest point we could make – ” From here we are all part of the Same Race”.

The narration continues and speaks to the importance of civility, community, and the the importance of developing new materials and methods for the new millienium.

As the story progresses, the messages dials down in to building safer and better building structures where all thoughts and ideas originate and how essential it is to engineer and construct structures that serve and protect us from the elements and world.

“The Human race” video is an important part of the new AMS Encore message which is to help answer and solve challenges within and outside the architectural and building community.

We hope our message is heard and feel confident this video will help inspire and encourage all of us to be more tolerant and understanding of one and other.