Expansion Joint Remediation and Repair Services

Encore Building Products offer a full service approach to the installation and repair or replacement of expansion joints in existing concrete construction of buildings, parking structures, and stadiums. We work closely with architects and engineers to assure that the right size joint is specified based upon the design movement calculations. Equally important, the joints are also evaluated based upon their intended use, either to be resistant to vehicular traffic or durable to pedestrian traffic for walkways, plazas and stadiums.

The Encore Building Product Team work closely with the project General Contractor or Construction Manager to determine pre-construction installation methods to assure that the concrete joints are properly formed and sized for the specified joint movement.

Working with the World’s leading manufacturer’s of waterproofing seals, membranes and expansion joint products, Encore Building Products can also help solve the most complicated expansion joint challenges and repairs.  With over 40 years of construction field and specialty metals and expansion joint experiance, we can assist all stake holders in their effort to solve complicsted seismic joint failures. 

Contact us to schedule a field visit to evalauate all problematic expansion  joint failures and related waterproofing issues.