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Welcome to Joint-Tek, your premier partner for seismic expansion joint solutions. Whether you’re an architect refining the details of a design, a specification writer outlining project requirements, a consultant seeking innovative solutions, or a detailer focusing on the minutiae, Joint-Tek is equipped to support your architectural and design needs related to expansion joints.


For building owners and facility managers grappling with issues in your current expansion joint systems, whether it’s problematic plates, failing seals, or any other challenge, Joint-Tek is at your service. We understand the critical nature of maintaining the structural integrity and functionality of your buildings and are here to provide the assistance you need.


Industry professionals, including expansion joint installers, roofers, waterproofing contractors, concrete restoration experts, dry-wall, sheet-metal specialists, or any specialty contractor in search of a specific expansion joint product or solution, look no further. Joint-Tek is your resource and supplier, ready to equip you with cost-effective, performance-driven solutions for your projects.


At the heart of our operations, Joint-Tek is dedicated to the provision of comprehensive services surrounding seismic expansion joint covers and systems. Our team’s unparalleled expertise is committed to upholding the integrity, safety, and aesthetic value of your projects, offering specialized services tailored to your specific needs.


Discover how Joint-Tek can assist you in achieving project success with an overview of our services and support.


Here’s an overview of how we can assist you:


Architectural Plan Review

We meticulously review architectural plans to identify and address potential challenges related to seismic expansion joints early in the design phase, ensuring seamless integration and functionality.


Expansion Joint Systems Evaluations

Our evaluations encompass a thorough analysis of existing or proposed expansion joint systems to validate their effectiveness, durability, and compliance with relevant standards and regulations.


Detail Development

We craft precise, customized details for expansion joint systems tailored to each project’s specific requirements, enhancing the overall design and performance of the building structure.


Specification Review and Development

Our team reviews and develops detailed specifications for expansion joint systems, ensuring they meet project requirements and industry best practices for performance and safety.


Cost Evaluations and Estimating Services

We provide accurate cost evaluations and estimations, assisting in budget planning and cost management for the inclusion of expansion joint systems in your projects.


Shop-Drawing Development

Our experts develop detailed shop drawings for expansion joint systems, facilitating clear communication and accurate implementation of design intentions.


Product Selection Services

We assist in selecting and procuring the most appropriate expansion joint systems and products, considering factors like seismic activity, building movement, architectural aesthetics, and budget constraints.


Site Evaluations and Inspections

Our team conducts on-site evaluations and inspections of movement joints and conditions, identifying any issues or potential improvements to ensure optimal performance and longevity.


Expansion Joint Waterproofing Assessments

We assess the waterproofing needs of expansion joints, providing solutions to prevent water ingress and protect the structural integrity of your projects.


Expansion Joint Inspections and Repair Surveys

Through detailed inspections and repair surveys, we identify any deficiencies or damage in existing expansion joints, recommending and overseeing necessary repairs or upgrades.


Consultation and Assistance

Our experts offer personalized consultation and assistance throughout your project, from initial design to completion, ensuring that all your expansion joint needs are met with the highest standards.


Forensic Assistance

We provide forensic analysis and assistance for diagnosing and solving complex issues related to expansion joint failures or performance problems, helping to mitigate risks and avoid potential litigation.


At Joint-Tek, we are committed to excellence and innovation in the field of seismic expansion joint systems. Our goal is to provide solutions that not only meet but exceed your expectations, ensuring the safety, functionality, and aesthetics of your projects are preserved. Contact us today to learn more about how we can support your next project with our specialized services. 



 For additional information or assistance with your next seismic expansion joint project, please contact Joint-Tek .  We are here to provide the expert guidance and solutions you need to ensure the safety and durability of your infrastructure projects. 

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