Welcome to Joint-Tek, the premier industry resource and leading solutions provider for everything related to seismic expansion joints. At the core of our mission is a commitment to excellence and innovation in the field of expansion joint technology. We specialize in offering comprehensive technical guidance and high-quality products for a diverse range of systems. Our expertise encompasses architectural joints, parking joints, stadiums, and open-air structures, including pedestrian bridges and vehicular drive lanes.


Our Services


Our team is dedicated to assisting design professionals in selecting the optimal expansion joint system for any project, regardless of its scale or specific application. Our product range is extensive, featuring everything from 1/2″ waterproofing expansion joint foam to ultra-wide and heavy-duty seismic moat covers that span up to 10 feet or larger. In collaboration with the nation’s leading manufacturers of expansion products, we provide unparalleled design assistance, including architectural details, innovative solutions, and comprehensive project specification development and review.


But our services extend beyond just product selection and design. Joint-Tek is also committed to supporting building owners, specialty contractors, and facility managers. We offer professional, non-invasive inspection services to identify deficient and failing expansion joints. Our team can help develop effective strategies to address these issues, which may include tackling secondary or primary waterproofing concerns.


Why Choose Us


Joint-Tek stands out as a resource center dedicated to all your expansion joint needs. Our platform is designed to offer valuable tips, tools, and trade information to assist you with your current or next expansion joint project. We are also your go-to source for learning about the latest innovations in seismic expansion joint technology. Our website serves as a hub for news, announcements, and industry highlights, keeping you informed and ahead of the curve.


Joint-Tek.com is proudly an extension and publication of Encore Building Products Inc., Southern California’s leading supplier of engineered building products and standard and custom expansion products and solutions. We are here to support and enhance your projects with our knowledge, expertise, and commitment to quality.




Joint-Tek is committed to advancing the state-of-the-art in seismic expansion joint technology. Our mission is to promote safety and durability in construction through the proper specification development, detailing, and selection of materials. We aim to serve as a leading source of news and product information and to pioneer improved installation techniques for seismic expansion joint covers, seals, and solutions. By facilitating the exchange of knowledge and fostering innovation, we strive to safeguard infrastructures against seismic events and contribute to building a resilient future.




Our vision is to lead the way towards a future where the highest quality standards in seismic expansion joint technology are universally adopted. We envision a world where comprehensive and open exchanges of information between industry leaders, manufacturers, sales representatives, and professionals become the norm. Our goal is to foster an environment of collaboration and innovation that leads to the development of market standards, ensuring strong and beneficial partnerships. In this future, every construction project benefits from the most advanced, safest, and most efficient seismic expansion joint solutions, contributing to the resilience and safety of infrastructures worldwide.



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