Alameda Square Parking Structure 
Los Angeles

Owner: Atlas Capital Group LLC
Lead Design Firm: Choate Parking Consultants
General Contractor: Bomel Construction Co.
Civil Engineer: Psomas
Structural Engineer: Ficcadenti Waggoner & Castle Structural Engineers
MEP Engineer: tk1sc
Landscape Designer: RCH Studios
Expansion Joint Installer: Karcher Interiors
Manufacturer: Watson Bowman ACME



Wabo®SafetyFlex (United States Patent No 6.751.918.) is an elastomeric hinged cover system that is ideal for pedestrian walkway areas as well as in low-speed vehicular traffic areas. Independent metal plates integral to the rubber cover allows the system to flex in response to changes in vertical displacement between opposing slabs. Used in both recessed and surface mount applications. SF

Wabo®SafetyFlex is a hinged, ADA Compliant rubber encapsulated, steel cover system that is ideal for pedestrian walkways and slow speed vehicular traffic areas


What I like the most about the WBO Safetytflex products is that it offers architects and contractors a fast, economical way to address seismic expansion joints. Unlike other metal expansion joint cover plates, the WBO Safetyflex cover plates are fabricated from heavy duty steel and encapsulated with durable, UV stable EPDM rubber.  If wet, the Safetyflex plates continue to provide a safe surface for pedestrians without compromising long term life cycle properties inherent in surface applied coatings and safety tapes.

The best feature of the safetyflex is the sound attenuating properties. While not designed to be a “silent”, the Safetyflex plates, unlike aluminum and other hybrid metal/rubber plates, does not rattle or “explode’ when crossed by an automobile. The solid “thud” you hear is minimal compared to traditional expansion joint products offered by other manufacturers.

Regarding maintenance; sure you still need to pay attention to your expansion joint covers and tighten the screws on occasion, but what you don’t have to worry about are aging centering bars and screws that corrode and fall out like the metal systems. Replacing a worn out Safetyflex plate is a simple process, you simply unloosen about 5 screws pull up the rubber plates and drop in either a new plate or a Safetyflex plate from a less traveled area of the project. In just a few minutes the Safetyflex plate can replaced and repaired by  local facility personnel or a specialty expansion joint installer.

With so many design features and product benefits, it is impossible to list the all, but for most parking structures, old and new, the Watson Bowman Safetyflex expansion joint covers are perhaps the best products available on the market today.

For a cost effective expansion joint solution,the WBO Safetytflex is the answer for today’s challenging parking structures and pedestrian walkways and open air bridges.

Brian Carrillo – Encore Building Products