Wabo®FireShield designed to meet life-safety and movement requirements of parking, stadium, building construction projects

AMHERST, NY, January 22 2017, Watson Bowman Acme, a BASF company and leader in expansion control systems for the construction industry, has introduced Wabo®FireShield, a system specifically designed to accommodate the expansion control needs of structures while providing exceptional life-safety in the event of a fire.

“The Wabo®FireShield is a high performance, multi-directional-movement-capable fire barrier system,” said Rick Patterson, Business Director for Watson Bowman Acme. “The impregnated foam component effectively reduces sound intrusion, making it ideal for applications where ambient noise could be an issue and would need to be managed.”

Wabo®FireShield is a unified, fire rated, sound attenuating, ultraviolet (UV) light stable, thermal and water-resistant sealant system. It features waterproof silicone faces on each side of a fire-retardant impregnated foam sealant without the need for additional intumescent bellows.

Although designed to be used alone, it can also be installed behind any other metallic or elastomeric expansion joint system. With both sides coated, it may be placed with either side exposed to view, adding to the versatility and increasing the aesthetic fireproof sealing options.

The silicone finish enhances the water-resistant nature of the product and provides an aesthetic finish. Available in two different models – FireShield Vertical (FSV) and FireShield Horizontal (FSH) – this life-safety expansion control system is capable of handling all types of construction projects.

Watson Bowman Acme offers a complete line of custom designed expansion control systems for parking decks and architectural structure applications, including Wabo®BusTuff, Jeene®, Wabo®TwinSeam, Wabo®CreteMembrane, Wabo®WeatherSeam, Wabo®Allure, Wabo®ElastoFlex parking series and Wabo®Seismic Span II.