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Interior/Exterior Seismic Expansion Joints, Moats, Fire Blankets, Waterproofing Seals, Architectural Metals and More from World Leading Manufacturer of Expansion Joint Products.

100% Reliable and fully intergrated custom fabricated Waterproofing Expansion Joint Membranes from the World’s leading supplier of waterproofed expansion joint materials.  

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Partnering with customers and working with our manufacturing partners is what makes our people thrive. We understand that every project has its own special criteria, and that standard expansion joint systems may not be right for your project. 


We have a team of technical experts that can work with you to help select the best expansion joint system for your project or design a custom cover, waterproofing gutter, or specialty assembly that meets your project’s specific requirements.

 Contact us to discuss how we can help you with your seismic expansion joint project or special building product needs. 


Encore Building Products offers a broad range of specialty building products; including seismic expansion joint covers and systems, waterproofing membranes, fire rated blankets and seals, specialty metal fabrication and metal wall and roof solutions.


Resources dedicated to supporting architects, builders, and specialty contractors in the specification and design build process.

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We love assisting estimating and pricing teams to assemble their project quotes based on types and quanity estimates , budgets. or hard pricing. Send us your plans and specifications and we will generate a material budget  project quote within 12-48 Hours.


Encore Building Products is proud to offer preconstruction design/engineering and budgeting to our clients. If you are considering repairing or developing a new construction project, we encourage you to leverage our capabilities to expedite your construction schedule, all while minimizing cost.

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