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Established in 1960, MM Systems is one of the most trusted and respected names in the architectural construction products industry. MM’s product offering includes expansion joint systems for buildings, parking decks, stadiums and arenas, as well as other architectural metals such as gratings and column covers.


SITURA Inc supplies and manufactures Waterproofing Expansion Joints systems for roofing and waterproofing. The concept waterproof expansion joints have its roots and history in tunnel waterproofing and contracting going back to 1955. The concept of a continuous waterproof expansion joint was adapted from this idea, and incorporated into roofing and waterproofing applications. SITURA has been supplying waterproof expansion joints for projects all over North America and the world since 1996


Partnering with the leading architectural metal fabricators and solution providers serving the architectural and engineering community, Encore BP offers critical building components and engineering solutions for your building project.




Answers – Methods -Solutions


Partnering with customers and working with our manufacturing partners throughout the South West is what makes our people thrive. We understand that every project has its own special criteria, and that standard products may not be right for your project. 


We have a team of technical experts that can work with you to help select the best systems for your project or design a custom product, waterproofing gutter, or specialty assembly that meets your project’s specific requirements.


Contact us to discuss how we can help you with your special project or unique building product needs. 


There are many great manufacturer’s and suppliers of building products but only a few that can meet the challenges of real world conditions and parameters. Encore Building Products pulls together the best of the best products and resources to help answer your technical questions and concerns.  Our Team of building product specialist will answer your building question and if we can not, we will help find the expert who can. 


A  Building Structure is only as good as the sum of its parts and examining all aspects of your building project; budgeting, design, specifying, fabrication and installation is key to recommending the best systems and solutions.  What is best for you  – what is best for your client , and what is best for the user?  Encore Building Products helps select the best product and method for your needs and job requirements. 

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Working within and outside of the box is our specialty. Customization, systemization and organization is necessary to help find the best solution for your project or condition.  Good manufacturers make good products and offer good warranties, but only a few manufacturers deliver solutions that are specific to your project and job requirements.  We start with the best manufacturers’ and the best solutions for you. 

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